Wind Energy

The utilization of wind turbines can be a great way to harness the energy of the wind in a bid to convert this into useable electricity. Harnessing the winds energy with a wind turbine can provide a source of clean and renewable electricity for large or small communities.

Wind turbines can be installed as single installations or as part of a wind farm. Some wind farms are capable of providing the entire electricity supply for large villages or small towns and are most effective on high ground where the wind speed is generally higher and more constant than at lower levels.

Home Wind Solution

The initial investment of these technologies can be quite high yet they can be capable of providing a return on investment over the years of operation.

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This turbine has been developed to withstand high wind speeds. The materials of the blades and the base are made of stainless steel. This material is guaranteed for 25 years. Toorwind EOLO collects residual wind energy generated by extractors’ factories. The great advantage of this project is that we have a constant wind and, therefore, the mill is designed for a working system with a specific rpm. Another important factor of this project is the large number of hours that these extractors are operating. The more hours of work done by the extractor, the faster is the depreciation of the mill. With the mill is estimated a depreciation of consumption of the extractor between 40% and 47 %. All the energy generated by the mill is geared to the customer's own network, in any case it is stored.